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The following statement must appear very prominently on the first visit of a user, without action on the part of this user, for example in the form of a banner, mini-window appearing in the foreground on the page (info- bubble), or overprinted text. ***** By pursuing your navigation on this site, you accept the use of tracers (cookies) in order, for example: to carry out anonymous statistics of visits, to propose you contents and services adapted to your centers of interests and to allow you to share information on social networks. ***** Detailed information and setting options for plotters The following information appears in principle on a page dedicated to plotters. ***** The site you visit uses tracers (cookies). Thus, the site is likely to access information already stored in your electronic communications terminal equipment and to enter information.   The tracers used by the site fall into two categories:   - tracers said to be strictly necessary, which do not require your prior consent,   - other tracers subject to your prior consent.

1 - Tracers exempted from prior consent


We use these tracers for example: allow and facilitate navigation on the site including memorizing your browsing preferences defined during your session / provide the services you specifically request / perform anonymous statistics of visit.


These tracers can not, technically, be disabled from the site. You can however oppose the use of these plotters, exclusively by setting your browser. This setting depends on the browser you use, but it is usually simple to perform: in principle, you can either activate a private browsing function or only prohibit or restrict tracers (cookies). Be careful, it may be that plotters have been registered on your device before setting your browser: in this case, erase your browsing history, always using the settings of your browser.

2 - Tracers subject to your prior consent

The site uses tracers under our control and others placed under the control of third parties that are subject to your prior consent.


2.1 - Tracers under our control

You can oppose the use of these tracers by setting your browser or by using the functions offered by the site.

The use of tracers is governed by Article 32 II of Law No 78-17 of 6 January 1978, transposing Article 5.3 of Directive 2002/58 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2002 as amended by Directive 2009/136 / EC.

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